2019 - 26 Reasons to Walk

Come Join Our Team!
Come Join Our Team!

Behcet's Canada


Dear Behcet's Warriors, Family and Friends,

Please Join us on Saturday June 22rd, 2019, as we will be participating in the 11th Annual Behcet's Disease  “26 Reasons” to Walk and 21st Annual picnic for the Vasculitis Foundation Canada (VFC), in Cambridge’s River Side Park, alongside other walkers to help increase Behcet's and vasculitis awareness while helping to raise much needed research funds.

You can Support Team Behcet's Canada in a variety of ways; Join us on the day of the walk and meet other warriors who share your experiences with this disease, Form your own team and join us with your family and friends. Can't make it to the event? Form a team where ever you are and do a small walk in your neighbourhood park. Can't walk? Then let us have a virtual volunteer walker do it here for you. In another Country? We can set up a virtual walk, on line for you to collect donations. If all these methods fail, you can always just make a simple donation to the team or any of our participants.

All donations to Behcet's Canada will go to fund our ongoing Behcet's DNA Research Study & Mail-In Kits, Our Medical Symposium Projects and to Support Other Patients. Plus we will be collecting blood samples for our critical DNA study, if you have not participated yet, it will be an excellent opportunity for you to do so.

Vasculitis is a family of about 26 separate rare autoimmune diseases, but all related, within the larger family of about 115 arthritic diseases and is not contagious, Behcet's Disease is one of these.  Vasculitis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessel walls, thereby reducing the blood supply and causing tissue and organ damage, which can lead to a variety of symptoms, pain and even death. Vasculitis is more common than you think, and can be considered an invisible illness.

Behcet's Canada and The Vasculitis Foundation Canada (VFC) are run solely by volunteers. Their purpose is to assist and educate patients living with rare and life-threatening vasculitis diseases.  Our volunteers also focus on patients, assisting them to care for and take control of their disease, but also to encourage and support research efforts to identify the cause and cure of all types of vasculitis. 

Our team goal is to raise $2500.00 CAD. or more 

This is why our 11th Annual Behcet's Disease  “26 Reasons” to walk event is so important to us, and why we’re asking for your HELP to Erradicate it, by asking you to make a donation today.  Every dollar counts towards our investment in patient research, awareness, and education, so that every adult and child with the disease can live to the fullest, and ultimately one day be cured!

Click the button on the right to DONATE NOW! In order to help find the Cause and Cure for Behcet's Disease!

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about our Behet's Canada and VFC 11th Annual “26 Reasons” why to Walk and 21st Annual Picnic at the Dolph Picnic Site at beautiful Riverside Park in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on Saturday June 22/2019. We are just a 3 1/2 hour drive from the Detroit, Michigan/Canada border, 1 1/2 hour drive from the Niagara Falls, New York/Canada boarder, 1 hour from Toronto and 15 minutes from the Kitchener, Ontario International Regional Airport.

Go here to view their website www.behcetscanada.com or www.vasculitis.ca

Thank you for showing that you care to make a difference in our lives and in others like us.

Cindy & Tracey

Behcet's Canada

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